Loans Savings Visa Credit Cards Fee Structure

Effective as of: 01/01/2017
Fee TypeAmount
ATM Withdrawal (each - includes w/d, transfer or inquiry)$1.00
Certified Draft Charge$10.00
Dormant Account Fee (no activity within 12 months)$25.00
Copy of Statement / Copy of History$5.00
Early Withdrawal from Club Accounts (Christmas/Vacation)$25.00
Microfilm Copy of Check$3.00
Replace ATM Card$5.00
Replace Debit Card$10.00
Return ACH or Share Draft (Insufficient funds)$30.00
Returned Deposit$10.00
Stop Payments$25.00
Transfer from Savings (overdraft protection)$6.00
Wire Transfer (outgoing)$15.00
International Wire Transfer (outgoing)$30.00
Visa - late payment fee$15.00
Negative Account Fee each$20.00