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Why opt in?

U. of P.’s overdraft protection is designed with your protection and convenience in mind.
The vast majority of our members do not overdraw their accounts and incur fees, however
life doesn’t always go according to plan, and overdrafts do occur. Without overdraft protection,
your ATM and everyday debit card transactions may be declined if you attempt to make a
transaction without sufficient funds.

There are no fees for signing the form. Didn’t receive your form? CLICK HERE

  • You can sign up now to receive your statement online.
        (You must already be enrolled in Home Banking)
  •    Log into Home Banking and
  •    Click the Self Service Tab
  •    Click the eStatements link under additional services
  •    Click on sign up               
  •    Accept usage agreement
  •    Enrollment complete
  •    (You must enter an email address if there is none on file)

Internet Home Banking

We are offering Internet Home Banking.  It is a great service that offers you convenience in managing your accounts.  Check it out today.  For enrollment instructions, click here.   To enroll, click here.


Phishing:  What Is IT?
Criminals around the world are stealing credit card numbers, bank account passwords and other sensitive information in greater numbers than ever before. Many of them are using tools, easily found on the Web, that let them spy on the Internet habits of hundreds of thousands of people, from the sites they visit to the keystrokes they enter.

Some of the technology has been around for years, but security experts say organized crime and other groups are learning to use it in creative ways. Merely surfing the Web -- even visiting some familiar and trusted Web sites -- can bring dangerous exposure to criminals.

While virus protection and security software can help lower those risks, another scam is leaving many users on their own: e-mail "phishing," the random attempt to obtain account numbers and passwords by criminals masquerading as legitimate businesses.
Phishing Scams

"Phishing" is a kind of credit and debit card fraud. By pretending to be email from a bank or similar site, scammers "fish" for account numbers, passwords, Social Security numbers, etc. They trick consumers into divulging sensitive information so that unlawful charges can be made on the consumers' accounts.

Phishing email schemes change frequently and often have links or attachments with links. Users who click on the links are taken to look-alike sites where they are asked to enter personal data.